Pre Sales Jobs Hotlist

update- 4/29/19- Back to Networking and Security! These 3 jobs are hot and just hit my desk, working directly with Regional SE Leadership.

Minneapolis- SE- Networking, Huge Global Gartner MQ multiple products, needs MN SE for Global Accounts, very LOCAL spot, need strong Networking. $230k OTE. Stable company for long run.

Midwest- Flexible Location (MN-WI-IL-IN-OH-MI)- Regional Super SE for Enterprise Switching, need near CCIE/JNCIE level ADVANCED NETWORKING. $230k OTE. Stable company for long run.

NYC/NJ- Network Security- $300M in Revenue Gartner MQ Leader growing 30% per year needs NYC/NJ to cover strategic accounts including Verizon. Hot company with solid equity that is still having start up fun. Need solid Networking plus some security/authentication. $235k OTE on 80/20



Converged/Hyper-Converged/Private Cloud Positions- I’m VERY ACTIVE in this space in 2019, I’m working with 3 clients in space (if your in space you know at least two of their names). I have consistent SE spots in NYC-Ohio-Bay Area-Chicago-Boston-Atlanta-DC FED/Gov, etc. My clients range from Huge name, and two fairly known mid/late stage start ups with high potential. Comp for most of these is $230/$180k base ballpark. I’m starting to get positions in Kubernetes world also. All of these client have Account Manager/Sales positions that I’m not focused on, but have access too (and get “credit”).

update4/10/19- One of my clients above in Converged has a list of nearly all big/mid US cities they plan on hiring SE’s at in 2019- mostly Q2/Q3, shoot me an email to start conversation

I can share Job Description/Company info via email quickly without talking on phone-     630.977.9335 Phone

SE Positions (all Pre Sales unless noted)- the newest job on top- all positions interviewing new candidates. 

Flexible location with Regional Travel- I need CCIE level guys that can travel within region. Very Large Player with monster install base, STABLE for longterm. I have a West, North Central, North East.  $225-$235k

Hyper-Converged- I have THREE clients in HConverged/HCI seeking SE’s, one is a BIG NAME player, the other a hot Start up with great traction- Need SE’s in nearly every market. If you have VxRack-Vsan-XC Core-HyperFlex-Simplivty Related experience- I have a spot in your market (and if I don’t I can find one in 8 minutes)- including markets like Milwaukee-Florida-Nashville-Atlanta. I HAVE SE Manager positions at one client in this space, primarily in Midwest right now (Detroit-Chicago)

NYC/Boston/CT/NJ (can live anwhere in patch)- Regional SME (Pre Sales SE) position focused on Enterprise Switching for mutli billion rev Networking Vendor- Heavy Regional Travel- $230k OTE

Midwest (Detroit-Chicago-Ohio-WI)- Regional SME (Pre Sales SE) position focused on Enterprise Switching for mutli billion rev Networking Vendor- Heavy Regional Travel

NYC/Boston/DC- Security SE- Growing late stage start up (120 Employees), seeks NE SE- $230k OTE with $175k Base.

Florida- Same Network Security Vendor above seeks SE to cover Florida



Minneapolis- SE MANAGER- Large-Stable-Gartner MQ Leader- Over $3B Revenue. Manage Team of 8 in MN-WI-ND. I can discuss comp- market Plus range and client flexible for top resumes (Cisco-Juniper-F5-Brocade)









Phone: 630-977-9335

All compensation figures in Total Compensation- SE positions typically 70/30 split, some 80/20.