Pre Sales Jobs Hotlist

update- 9.9.19-

All Positions below are Sales Engineer roles, titles vary but all function in Pre Sales capacity and are paired with a local sales rep.

Wisconsin SE Manager- Hot and very well known Hyper-Converged Player seeks Wisconsin SE Manager for PURE WI team, no travel outside WI.

Minneapolis- HealthCare SE- Hyper Converged Player seeks Healthcare dedicated SE to work with local customers.

POST SALES- NYC & Bay Area- Application Security Player seeks NYC and Bay Area Post Sales Implementation Engineers, $165k

SoCal, Texas, NYC- Threat Detection/Response Security Player seeks SE’s in SoCal, NYC and Texas (Channel), $205k OTE


Bay Area-Networking SE- Global Accounts- Gartner MQ in multiple products seeks Bay Area SE to work on Google, Apple, Uber accounts. Must be strong switch/route/wifi.


Converged/Hyper-Converged/Private Cloud Positions- I’m VERY ACTIVE in this space in 2019, I’m working with 3 clients in space (if your in space you know at least two of their names). I have consistent SE spots in NYC-Ohio-Bay Area-Chicago-Boston-Atlanta-DC FED/Gov, etc.

Tula/OKC- Multi Cloud  Hybrid Platform Player seeks Bay Area Solution Architect- $21k0 OTE. This spot with a BIG name player.

Philly/Mid Atlatic Commercial- Converged Player that is very hot to those in know, seeks Philly/MA SE. $230k OTE on 80/20

SoCal- Same Company as Philly spot, need SoCal SE preferably in OC/LAC. $230k on 80/20




I can share Job Description/Company info via email quickly without talking on phone-     630.977.9335 Phone








Phone: 630-977-9335

All compensation figures in Total Compensation- SE positions typically 70/30 split, some 80/20.